Automated Document Generation with Nintex Drawloop

Many people would like to automate the document generation process when an action is taken such as a field is updated. This can be done by configuring Nintex Drawloop to use a workflow and outbound message. This is often called at automated DDP. Use the detailed guide below to assist you in the configuration.


What is an Automated DDP? 

  • Trigger DDP to run and generate a document without button clicks
  • All the logic is already configured – the  User does not need to select the Document Package, Delivery Option or Contact.


  • Any user interaction is not supported (Selecting contact, attachments, editing email)
  • No Download delivery option (process happens in the background)
  • You must create relationships between standard object (create relationship from Opp to Account to get Account fields)
  • Email delivery option requires the Contact object be referenced in the Drawloop_Next field. If you are emailing a User, mark the Internal Email checkbox on the delivery option (note: merge fields in SF email template will not populate when this box is checked)
  • Contact must be a look-up and cannot be a formula field containing Contact Id

Configuration – Basic:

Use Case: Every time a sales rep changes an opportunity Stage to ‘Proposal/Price Quote’ the Invoice will automatically be sent to the customer for review.

Three Components: Drawloop_Next field, Workflow, Outbound Message

  1. Create Drawloop_Next field on the Object you are running from
    • Field type: Formula
    • Formula Return Type: Text
    • Syntax: “SFobject_name__c:” & ObjectId & “;SFanother_object__c:” & AnotherId & “;DDPId:static Id;Deploy:staticid;DeployType:autoemail”
    • Recommend using the Advanced Formula view when creating the syntax
    • If you are EMAILING the DDP you will need to include the Contact object and Id
    • Static information goes in quotes “” (ex: object name, ddp Id)
    • Dynamic information have no quotes (unknown Ids such as the Opportunity Id)
  2. Create Workflow & Outbound Message
    • Step 1: Select Object
    • Step 2: Set criteria
    • Step 3: Create outbound message
    • Step 4: Activate
  3. Test


  • Job Queue
    • Is there an error? If so, troubleshoot the error.
    • If you trigger the workflow again does the Pending number go up? If not, there is a configuration issue (view workflow & outbound message)
  • Workflow
    • Is it Active?
  • Outbound Message
    • Is the Send Session Id check-box marked?
    • Is the Endpoint URL correct?
    • Is the user specified in the ‘User to send as’ field an active Salesforce User?
      • Do they have access to the Drawloop_Next field?
      • Do they have permissions to run the DDP manually? Ensure they have DDP object permissions
    • Does the ‘[Object] fields to send’ contain the Id and Drawloop_Next field?
    • Go to Setup > Monitor > Outbound Messages and see if the OBMessage is in the queue or has failed
  • Drawloop_Next
    • Have all the Ids been brought in? Drag field onto the page layout to have visibility on this.
    • Are the Ids referencing the correct records?
    • Do all the records exist? Has the DDP or Delivery Option been deleted?
    • Is the syntax correct? Is there a missing quotation or semi-colon?

Configuration – Advanced

DocuSign to Contact referenced in lookup field
On the DocuSign delivery option set the Specified Recipient field to ‘User Selected Contact’

DocuSign using Dynamic-Name Email
On the DocuSign delivery option set the Specified Recipient to ‘Dynamic-Name Email’ and assign a Static Name (this example has static name of ‘signer1’)
“SFOpportunity:” & Id & “;DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn1;DeployType:autoDocuSign” & “;signer1_name:” & Approver_Name__c & “;signer1_email:” & Approver_Email__c

Include Attachments – Dynamic (attachment Ids are stored in field on record)
“SFOpportunity:” & Id & “;SFContact:” & Billing_Contact__r.Id & “;DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn3” & “;attachids:” & ProductAttachments__c

Include Attachments – Static
“SFOpportunity:” & Id & “;SFContact:” & Billing_Contact__r.Id & “;DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn3” & “;attachids:06960000001dJy1|06960000001dJy7”

Include Images
“SFOpportunity:” & Id & “;SFContact:” & Billing_Contact__r.Id & “;DDPId:a021500000ETjV2AAL;Deploy:a011500000T8Zn3” & “;image1:015d0000000tKE6.jpg” & “;image2:015d0000000tMqT.jpg” & “;image3:015d0000000tSUo.jpg”
Use <<image1>> <<image2>> <<image3>> in document

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