DDP Relationship Copy Types: Descriptions & Examples

Allows you to go three levels down from the starting object. For example, I am running from an Account record, the header of each table is an Opportunity Name, the table contains Quote data, and there is a row replication with data from each Quote Line Item.

Replicates an entire table with data from the child records. For example, I am generating a document and want a table for each Opportunity record.

Replicates one row in a table with data from each child record. For example, I am generating an invoice and want each Product to be on its own row within one table.

Replicates a table for each field value you choose to group by and within that table there is a row for each child record. For example, I want to create an invoice that is grouped by Product Family so each software product is a row within one table and each hardware product is a row within a second table.

Creates an org chart. For example, I am creating an internal report and want to populate my companies org chart.

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