Stop Verifying Your Identify When Logging Into Salesforce


Nothing is worse than being presented with the ‘Verify Your Identify’ page when trying to log into Salesforce. It forces you to open your email application, wait to receive an email from Salesforce with containing your verification code, copy and p said verification code into the Salesforce browser page… It is a small nuisance but if you log into multiple orgs each day as I do (and often in incognito mode) you realize the frustration this can cause. So how do you get around this?


1. While logged into your Salesforce org, click Setup in the upper-right hand corner.
2. Search for ‘Network Access’ in the Quick Find

3. Click ‘Network Access’
4. When presented with a list of Trusted IP Ranges, click the New button.


5. Enter ‘’ in the Start IP Address field. Enter ‘’ in the End IP Address field.




6. Click Save
7. Test!