Salesforce Certified App Builder (DEV402) PowerPoint Study Guide

For all those preparing to take the Salesforce App Builder certification exam, here is a PowerPoint study guide to assist you.

The PowerPoint file uses a macro to shuffle the slides around to ensure you know the material and don’t just memorize the order of the questions 🙂 When you watch the slide show you will first be presented with a multiple-choice questions. When you click your mouse the correct answer(s) to the question will be highlighted in green.

To download the file:

Click here!


To use macro:

  1. Open file in PowerPoint
  2. Click the ‘Enable Editing’ button
  3. Click the ‘Enable Content’ button
  4. Hit ALT+F8 on your keyboard
  5. A pop-up window containing a list of macros will appear, select ‘sort_rand’ from the list. Then, click the ‘Run’ button.
  6. The macro will begin running. Once completed (approximately 30 seconds), play the slide show.

Another HUGE thanks to Tommy McKinzie for creating this PowerPoint deck and sharing it out! Click here to see Tommy’s ADM201 study guide.