Salesforce Certified Admin (ADM201) PowerPoint Study Guide

If you are preparing to take the Saleforce Certified Admin exam (often referred to as ADM201) and looking for up-to-date material, check out this awesome PowerPoint deck!

The PowerPoint file uses a macro to shuffle the slides around to ensure you know the material and don’t just memorize the order of the questions 🙂 When you watch the slide show you will first be presented with a multiple-choice questions. When you click your mouse the correct answer(s) to the question will be highlighted in green.

To download the file:

Click here!


To use macro:

  1. Open file in PowerPoint
  2. Click the ‘Enable Editing’ button
  3. Click the ‘Enable Content’ button
  4. Hit ALT+F8 on your keyboard
  5. A pop-up window containing a list of macros will appear, select ‘sort_rand’ from the list. Then, click the ‘Run’ button.
  6. The macro will begin running. Once completed (approximately 30 seconds), play the slide show.

A HUGE thanks to Tommy McKinzie at Nintex for creating this PowerPoint deck and sharing it out!