Run a DDP Without a Button

Bouncing around in customers orgs all day can sometimes make you feel like a detective. Which button should I click? Why are there three buttons with names suggesting they could all generate documents? Why does this button have pages of code and do I really have to go through it all? If I click the wrong button, what will happen?! I could easily spend over 15 minutes doing detective work to ensure I would not click the wrong button and affect the customers org, and business. Mind you, these customers have given me permission to enter their org and run their DDPs. But sometimes, the instructions provided are confusing and vague… or the Salesforce admin is out of the office. Thankfully, there is a handy way to run a DDP without having to click a button.



1. Navigate to the record and before the record Id add ‘apex/loop__looplus?eid=
Before: URL Before
After: URL to Run DDP

2. Run your DDP 🙂

You got 99 problems but running a DDP aint one anymore!