Nintex Drawloop: 5 Awesome Features (Part 2)

Advanced Optional Documents

Automatically include or exclude a document based on a field value. Making work less work…

Sort with Previous

Allow the user generating the document to change the order of the documents. Can you imagine how useful this is if you are generating PowerPoint slides? Amazing.

Pause to Edit

This feature generates the document with your Salesforce data in the original file type (Word, Excel, etc) then allows you to download to make changes. Once you make changes you re-upload the document and it continues on the delivery path. This is a great feature when you need to make any manual edits prior to a delivery option such as Email.

Read more about the Pause to Edit feature here.

Job Queue

If you generate one document and get an error, you see the error code on your screen. But what if you are generating hundreds of documents at once? Nintex Drawloop developed this genius interface that will display the number of documents being generated, how many are successful, and how many resulted in an error. You can even see the error messages in the custom interface.

Read more about the Job Queue and how to enable it here.


This is another field you will need to drag and drop onto the Document Package page layout. Place the locale codeĀ in this field to ensure all dates, current, and numbers are displayed in your generated document correctly. Use a field tag in this field to make it dynamic.

Find a list of locale codes here.