Nintex Drawloop: 5 Awesome Features (Part 1)

Button Wizard

Easily create customized buttons to trigger the document generation process. No need to spend hours trying to figure out button parameters and perfect syntax!

DocGen Queue

Send multiple files (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF) to the DocGen Queue and quickly bundle them into a single document. This is great for non-profits who are using MassLOOP to create donation letters that need to be printed and physically mailed.

Set Security

All admins know how painstaking and complex permissions can be. Thankfully the geniuses at Nintex Drawloop made this extremely simple for customers! Easily control who can view and run Document Packages by using the interface on the Document Package record.

Use Admin Credentials

When using the Insert-Update feature, this checkbox will allow the Chatter post, Task, or record created to have the System Administrator as the creator. Pretty cool.

Keep Word Formulas

Okay so you probably haven’t seen this option before. You will need to drag it onto the Document Package page layout. This is a key feature when troubleshooting document containing Word formulas. Setting your Document Output type to ‘Originals’ and marking this checkbox on the Document Package will ensure your formulas are not flattened, allowing you to toggle and correct any mistakes made. I recommend adding this field to your page layouts for future use.