Embedded Signing: View & Sign DocuSign Agreements within Salesforce

One of my favorite features from the Nintex Drawloop + DocuSign partnership is the ability to have your generated document immediately appear within Salesforce1 on a mobile device for signature without sending an email to the recipient requesting their signature. For example, a car dealership would like to generate a contract on their iPad and hand it to the buyer for signature. Since the buyer is present when the contract is generated there is no need for the buyer to receive an email until the contract has been signed by both parties.


  1. Navigate to your DocGen Package and select your DocuSign delivery option.
  2. Click on the first Recipient.
  3. Select ‘Routed via LOOPlus’ from the Embedded Signer drop-down. See our example below:
  4. Run your DocGen Package!

Note: This feature only works for the first recipient. If you would like to use embedded signer for additional recipients you will need to select ‘Routed via Client Code’ instead and write custom code to support your desired functionality.