Easily Convert PDF Files to Word

While working with multiple Salesforce consultants during my time at Drawloop, I’ve found that many times their clients will provide them with a PDF document rather than the original Word files. Whether this is due to the original template being lost or hard to retrieve due to security concerns, it creates a significant amount of work for the consultant to recreate the template in Word in order to continue with the document generation portion of their projects. Every once in a while a consultant will ask if we happen to have a tool to convert the PDF file to Word, often not expecting us to reply with a “yes!” And each time they are surprised how easy it is using Adobe Acrobat.

How To:

1. Open your PDF template while in Adobe Acrobat
2. Go to File > Save as Other > Microsoft Office > and select Word Document

PDF to Word
3. A pop-up window will appear to save the new document. Give the document a name and a folder to store the new .docx template.