Embedded Signing: Route via Client Code

If you read my previous post regarding the Nintex Drawloop + DocuSign ‘Embedded Signer’ feature, you know its pretty slick. What if you want to set up TWO embedded signers? First, you will need to navigate to your second recipient option and set the Embedded Signer field to ‘Route via […]

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LOOP Storage: How to customize the number of rows displayed

To customize the number of rows displayed within your LOOP Storage inline visualforce page use add the following syntax to your VF page:

Below is an example of the entire inline visualforce syntax which will display 7 rows of records on our custom Payments object:


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Example: GROUP BY in SOQL

Problem: The VP of Sales would like to know how many Opportunities have the Lead Source of ‘Word of Mouth’. Additionally, she would like the number broken down by the Stage. Solution: Use the sample syntax below to write a SOQL query using GROUP BY.


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