Accessing Salesforce1 from Your Desktop Browser


Using /one/ to access Salesforce1 from your web browser will now try to redirect you to the new Salesforce Lightning UI

The other day I was tasked with taking an existing custom Salesforce button and creating a Salesforce1 action with the same logic. I reviewed the button logic, created a Salesforce1 action with the same functionality, and was ready to test in Salesforce1.

Previously, I would log into Salesforce and hack the Salesforce URL by removing /home/home.jsp from the end of the URL and replacing it with /one/

Now, with the release of the new Salesforce Lightning UI, editing the URL in this manner will send you to Lightning. If Lightning is not enabled in your org, you will receive the error below:


This creates an issue when testing and troubleshoot Salesforce1 Actions. But rejoice! There is a workaround… at least if you have Chrome there is…


Use Developer Tools in the Chrome web browser. If you do not already have this browser you can download it from Googles official website here.


1. Open Chrome
2. Log into Salesforce
3. In the top right-hand corner of the browser, click the Chrome menu icon Menu_Bar
4. Go to More Tools > Developer tools
Developer tools
5. Once the developer view opens, select your mobile device from the Device drop-down menu
Device dropdown
6. Now that you have set the Device, edit the URL replacing ‘/home/home.jsp’ with ‘/one/’
7. Press Enter

Hooray! You will now be redirected to Salesforce1.